PHILOTIS proposes a number of innovations

An innovative workflow

PHILOTIS proposes an integrated approach to support the development of the written presence for languages lacking it, and significant technological innovations, including online resources and language tools. Since these languages ​​have neither resources nor tools, research and development within PHILOTIS is pioneering.

Idiomatic multiword expressions

In-house technology and know-how will be directly applied, used and enhanced, including a resource for multiword and idiomatic expressions, the IDION [1]. IDION is a state-of-the-art technology with regard to the recording and documentation of idiomatic multiword expressions for human and machine use. Its enrichment with new data from two languages, the development of mechanisms for the automatic semantic relationships and interfaces with a novel multiword expressions detector, will transform IDION into a technology with international originality and a valuable resource for study, education and electronic processing of languages. Currently, there is no such a resource for the case study languages in PHILOTIS.

Deep learning and cutting edge technologies

Nowadays, there is a strong international trend towards the use of neural networks and deep learning in the detection of multiword expressions in texts, since these technologies are absolutely necessary in all areas of language processing activity (e.g. machine translation, information retrieval, automated summarisation). It is a cutting-edge research with great international interest.


  1. Stella Markantonatou, Panagiotis Minos, George Zakis, Vassiliki Moutzouri, Maria Chantou. 2019. IDION: A database for Modern Greek multiword expressions. In Proceedings of Joint Workshop on Multiword Expressions and WordNet (MWE-WN 2019), Workshop at ACL 2019 (Florence, Italy), August 2nd, 2019.

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